The Black Delegates Podcast

Episode 85 - Taking My Talents to New Balance

November 12, 2019

A black man gets arrested for enjoying a San Francisco treat on the BART. Chinese ain't playing no games with it's new curfew for kids. If a man with a life sentence dies in jail and comes back to life, does he get to go free?

The Chilis bandit gets captured in living color. Check out all his/her mugshots. And can right wing conservatives Make Bars Great Again? They sure are trying with the #MAGAChallenge. Plus, This Week in Blackness includes escape rooms birthdays and a special senate hearing request from The Black Ryan on Ep. 85.

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Eating A Sammich While Black

Video of Sandwich incident

Mother China gives youth a curfew

He's got a point your Honor

Man-E-Faces in the flesh

Make Bars Great Again #MAGAChallenge