The Black Delegates Podcast

Episode 83 - It’s Just a Pumpkin, Stupid.

October 29, 2019

The Black Delegates reconvene for a Halloween-filled episode. Episode 83 includes incriminating butt dials, phony photos, a quick review of Kanye's 'Jesus is King,' and a doo doo diversity attempt by Mizzou.

Then we jump into the harrowing Halloween tales including a human* skin phone case, blackface jack-o-lanterns and the creepiest, freakiest haunted house in the land.

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Trump Makes Staged Photos Fake Again

Jesus is King, but Kanye is still crazy

Mizzou tried it

Blackface Pumpkins?

Phone "Skins" -

Haunted House or Stranger Danger?

McKamey Manor Google Images Search: View at your own risk