The Black Delegates Podcast

Episode 80 - Wet Weed is Heavier

October 8, 2019

Tyler Perry brings in all the stars to celebrate the opening of Black Hollywood aka Tyler Perry Studios. Amber Guyger is convicted of murdering Botham Jean. She was sentenced to 10 years and 10 hugs. Meanwhile, I witness for the prosecution is slain.

A black juror gets a harsh sentence for oversleeping at jury duty. A man sues his wife's lover and gets P-A-I-D in full. And suspected drug traffickers have a heart. So how did they get jammed up?

Plus, This Week in Blackness on this week's episode of The Black Delegates Podcast.

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Black Hollywood: Tyler Perry Studios

Guilty NBC News: Ex-Dallas police officer found guilty of murdering Botham Jean in his apartment. 10 yr sentence

Witness slain

Jury Duty Jailing

Man sues wife's lover and wins 750k

Suspected drug traffickers rescue police officers at sea off Spanish coast