The Black Delegates Podcast

Episode 55 - Forgot About That $70M

March 26, 2019

Mexico is finally paying for the wall. How our brown brethren to the south are paying pesos on the dollar for serious home security upgrades. Dr. D-R-E's daughter got into USC all by her damn self - or did she? Dre's forgotten bag pay for play or nah? A wicked woman YouTuber is arrested after pepper spraying and abusing her children all in the name of subscribers. Big Baller Bust as Lonzo Ball bails on BBB after the brand is scammed out of more than a million dollars. How much blame falls on LaVar? And can Shaq aka The Big Pepperoni bring the black dollar back to Papa John's or is it too little, too late?

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Mexico is finally paying for the wall - sorta

YouTube kids pepper sprayed

Dr. Dre says Daughter got into USC "on her own".

Papa Shaq's?