The Black Delegates Podcast

Episode 38 - Looooooong Winded - 10/29/18

October 30, 2018

Are murderous migrants swarming across the border to pilfer and pillage or are The Donald (& The Black Ryan) delusional? White folks keep risking it all to harass black minding their business. This week's cautionary tale? South Park Susan.

A racist man on a plane refuses to sit next to a black woman and the Ryanair (no relation) accommodates his racist demands. Treasure trolls America on Dr. Phil. And Will Smith, what are you doing bro?

Check out these topics and more on The Black Delegates Podcast Ep. 38 Looooooong Winded.

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South Park Susan - Charlottes own crazy white lady:

Old Irish dude demands black chick move from sitting near him:

Black girl believes she is Caucasian

Will Smith what you doing bro?