The Black Delegates Podcast

Episode 36 - White Wine Papi - 101518

October 16, 2018

#WhiteCallerCrimes make a triumphant return to The Black Delegates by way of #CornerStoreCaroline#ApartmentPatty aka #HallwayHillary and an instance of Babysitting While Black. Surprise, surprise! Uncle Kanye Kardashian-West sells all the way out.

Speaking of crazy rappers, The Black Ryan and Boxed Wine Papi discuss Joe Budden's State of the Culture. Plus a cultural discussion on shower etiquette: Washcloth, Loofah or Bare Naked Bar Soap?

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Kayne: Sold All the Way Out -

White Caller Crimes-Babysitting while Black -

White Caller Crimes: Following yo momma out the store while Black - old lady calls cops on 9 yo. #CornerstoreCaroline

White Caller Crimes: #ApartmentPatty aka #HallwayHillary

Washcloth or No?