The Black Delegates Podcast

Episode 23 - Better Ingredients, Better Podcasting, Possibly More N-Words - 7/16/18

July 16, 2018

Box Wine Papi's office is at Defcon 4 with a disgruntled employee on the prowl. Ghetto Phenom gets a new pool table on the low in This Week in Blackness.

#WhiteCallerCrimes reveals racist people terrified of black people couponing, swimming, frolicking and delivering newspapers. Check out these stories and more on Episode 23 of The Black Delegates Podcast.

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BDP Certified Podcasts for the Week: NPR's In the Thick and Latino USA


Cop watches as white man harassing Puerto Rican woman

Frolicking While Black

Cops roll up on black paper boy

Terrfied of the coupon lady

Black lady beats 92-year-old-man with a brick