The Black Delegates Podcast

Episode 113 - Black Folks Can’t Tie No Noose

June 17, 2020

To manscape or not to manscape, that is just one of the world's profound questions answered on this week's episode of the Black Delegates Podcast. A black NASCAR driver (you read that right) breaks out the Black Lives Matter car only to get Blues Lives Matter-ed days later. Dave Chappelle drops new special. Was the crew amused?

Black people are being found hanged from trees - what is going on? Has Paw Patrol been defunded? Will the first black Bachelor ride with the home team or cross the aisle? The NBA is close to coming back - or is it? And a black family goes to a drive thru zoo and the video is funnier than any punchline.

Check out these topics and more on Ep. 113 of the Black Delegates Podcast!

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Nascar bans confederate flag, has hell frozen over too?

Hangings in Cali -

Paw Patrol Defunded

First black bachelor

Black family at the drive thru Zoo 🤣.