The Black Delegates Podcast

Episode 104 - Riskin’ It All For Frozen Broccoli

April 14, 2020

Black Floridians celebrate Easter by throwing the biggest, baddest, COVIDest party on the planet. A defiant pastor passes after continuing to hold packed pandemic services. A city in China bans eating pets. Patrick Beverly caught a fabulous fade on 2K.

Find out who The Black Delegates would drop a stack to Facetime with (hint: it ain't Blac Chyna). Join the squad as we do it for Big Mama and Pop Pop on Episode 104.

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Black pastor dies from COVID after holding packed service

Shenzhen bans eating dogs

Do it for Big Mama:

Easter jammy jam in Pensacola

$950 to Facetime Blac Chyna???

Pat Beverly - Sore loser or rightfully upset?