The Black Delegates Podcast

Episode 102 - Don’t. Eat. People.

March 31, 2020

A preacher is arrested for holding a packed service during the coronavirus pandemic. Will he get bail or hell? Instacart workers prepare to strike. A hospital nurse says "hell to the naw, to the naw naw naw" on treating COVID-19 patients. Chris Broussard brings some trash bars to The Ocho. Is Joyner Lucas a musical genius or is he jock-riding and clout-chasing with 'Will'?

Plus, this week in black COVID, weird quarantine hobbies and more on Ep. 102 of The Black Delegates Podcast: Don't. Eat. People.

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Preacher arrested for holding service:

Possible Instacart Strike -

Nurse with pre-existing condition asked to work corona floor, quits job. Was she right to quit?

Worst rhyme I ever heard in my life

Dope tribute or get off Big Willy's jock?